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2009年11月 4日メディア掲載

OPI(海外メディア)記事 【 Rapid 】

OPI(Office Products International)に、ステープラー・Framsta(フレムスタ)のリリースが取り上げられました。

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Kokuyo, Isaberg strike deal

04 November 2009 - Hestra and Osaka, Sweden and Japan

Kokuyo S&T and Isaberg Rapid have announced a partnership to develop and market office products.

Kokuyo will market the office supplies in Japan, while Isaberg will deal with marketing in Western Europe and Australasia. The two companies announced that the first product the partnership will launch on the Japanese market is the Superflatclinch stapler ”Främsta". “Rapid Främsta” will be available from 10 November in interior shops all over Japan as a part of the original brand “trystrams,” which is focused at business people with an "exclusive taste."

Rapid will sell Kukoyo developed products in western European markets such as France, UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands but also in Australia and New Zealand. Next Year, Kokuyo’s heavy duty hole punch PN-36 (Rapid HDC300) and one patch stamp PSM10B (Rapid PS) will be launched.

Through the partnership both companies said they foresee new business opportunities and exploitation of new markets. Isaberg and Kokuyo said that the business concept is to develop more products using the "competitive edge of each company and to actively enhance sourcing products from each other”.

Thorbjorn Sagerstrom, SVP of Isaberg Rapid, said: “Rapid and Kokuyo share core values such as social and environmental responsibility, focus on innovation and user friendliness as well as high technology level and quality. The obvious advantages of this partnership are shared know-how and economies of scale, but I find the dynamic creation of new ideas when two innovative organisations meet even more important.”

"The partnership between our two companies, which have rather similar backgrounds and policies, has a very important objective," added Yasushi Inoue, Executive Director of Kokuyo. “The 'chemical reaction' from this cooperation will bring dynamic changes to both companies."